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Guy Fawkes in New Zealand is a reason to dust off the BBQ for the coming summer and provide an opportunity to practice cooking that perfect steak!
The Boom Brothers company is New Zealand owned and operated and has two goals in mind. Firstly, to provide industry leading products to our customers. Secondly, to offer value for money. To achieve these goals, all of our fireworks are hand-picked specifically for the Kiwi market. We make two dedicated trips to China every year to meet with the manufacturers to test and develop all of our products to make sure they are of the highest quality, safety and performance.

Our product range is specifically designed to accommodate all types of fireworks enthusiasts. From families wanting smaller, prettier fireworks suitable for children to pyromaniacs looking for the biggest bang in the market – we’ve got something for everyone. This concept is unique to Boom Brothers and has been illustrated through our entire product range – the smaller family orientated assortments are bright and colourful with a cartoon style aesthetic and as the range moves into the bigger assortments, the focus shifts to a darker combative “military” based theme.

Aside from all the fireworks, Boom Brothers’ believe in helping those in need. We have donated to the Starship Foundation, Ronald McDonald House Charities and Plunket to name a few. We do all this because at Boom Brothers we believe everyone deserves a chance to get their boom on!

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