Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Fireworks will be on SALE from 2nd November to 5th November.

If you have a question that is not listed here, please slide into our DM’s or contact us directly.

Product Questions:

What is the best pack for families with young kids?

We recommend getting a mix of sparklers (bright sparks) and any of our family packs which are suitable for the young ones such as Family Flyers, Galaxy Explorer and Moon Dazzler.

What is the best pack if all I want is a bang (no pun intended!)?

All of our packs offer your a bang for your buck! Check out our fireworks for what is more suitable for your wants. Our enthusiast packs contain the most BOOM!

What is the price of each pack?

Each retailer sets their own prices for each pack. Whilst we have a Recommended Retail Price (RRP), it is up to the retailer to set their own prices as they are all individually operated.

Buying Fireworks:

When can we buy fireworks?

We can only sell fireworks from 2nd November to 5th November. We cannot sell outside this period at all so if you after fireworks for a wedding or a festival, make sure you get your fireworks during this period.

What are your store opening hours?

Each store’s opening hours vary; however, each location is typically open from 10AM to 9PM unless they sell out so make sure you head to our local retail location early to avoid missing out.

How can I check how much stock a location has available?

Each retailer will have varying amounts of stock so we suggest you visit them early to avoid disappointment.

Where can I buy fireworks?

Check our locations page for your nearest location

Its not 2 November yet, can I buy fireworks?

Unfortunately no you will have to wait until the sale period starts.

I’m getting married, and I’d love fireworks at my wedding, can I buy fireworks?

You sure can, as long as its on 2nd November to 5th November. We cannot sell to you outside these dates so make sure you get in and stock up so you can light up your night.

It’s Diwali, can I buy fireworks?

You sure can, as long as its on 2nd November to 5th November. We cannot sell to you outside these dates so make sure you get in and stock up early so you don’t miss out on the festival of lights.

How old do I have to be to buy fireworks?

You have to be over 18. We will check for ID, therefore please bring valid ID with you (ie passport, drivers license, 18+ card). If you look under 25, it is likely you will be asked for ID so please don;t be offended.

I bought some fireworks but I see another retailer is selling the same for cheaper, what can I do?

Unfortunately, each retailer operates independently and we do not control the prices they set (just like a can of coke sells for different prices depending on where you buy it). We suggest you buy where you can to avoid missing out on our fireworks!

Selling Fireworks:

How can I become a retailer?

Get some information here and contact us to learn more! Al and Barry are always looking for more retailers.

What licensing requirements are there to become a retailer?

We recommend that you become a Certified Handler. We can help organise this for you to take the stress out of becoming a retailer.

Delivery, Returns & Exchanges:

Do you offer free delivery?

Unfortunately, no. At this stage we only do click and collect at select locations.

Do you offer refunds & exchanges?

Unfortunately, no. All sales are final so please choose carefully.