Pyrotechnic Displays

Pyrotechnic Displays

Fireworks will be on SALE from 2nd November to 5th November.

We offer innovative, professional pyrotechnic displays for all occasions. Whether you are looking for something to make your wedding all the more memorable, to celebrate a significant birthday or to simply add a special element to your event, we have something for everyone.

We will work with you to choreograph and design the display to fit your occasion. We use award winning, industry leading firing systems with the ability to sync the display to music. Best of all, we can create a display around music you provide us! 

Safety is our number one priority. Prior to commencing display planning, we will ensure your location meets the requirements of a Pyrotechnic Display. We hand-pick our products to ensure that they are of the highest quality, safety and performance. 

During our visits to China, we test and develop a large range of products on a frequent basis to ensure we have the best range available, whilst providing the best bang for your buck! 

Pricing starts from $3,500 for a small display to upwards of $10,000 for larger displays, depending on your budget and requests.
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